Supplies and tools for fly tying

Fly tying has always been an amazing activity to do. Some people believe that fly tying is an art. Indeed it is. Fly tying is an ancient art which is still the best way of catching fishes.
There are thousands of varieties of fly tying used for the commercial and personal purpose. You can make any type of fly as per your wish.

So today In this post, We will talk about Fly tying and all the supplies and tools required to make a fly.

So, First let me tell you about Fly Tying.

Fly tying is a process in which we produce an artificial fly to catch fish. Another definition would be- A process in which we bind a different kind of materials to a stick with thread to make it look attractive which will imitate the fishes.

Now, when you have an idea of Fly tying, You must be really excited to make your own fly. It’s a little complicated but by following every step carefully and having all the necessary tools and supplies, you can easily create your own fly.

So, let’s take this tour of an amazing activity called Fly Tying.

First of all, let’s know about the required tools for fly tying. You don’t need so many tools for fly tying you can choose from the variety of tools and supplies.

Tools and supplies for fly tying
1. Whip Finisher
2. Bobbin
3. Scissors
4. Hackle pliers
5. Bodkin (Optional)
6. Bobbin thread
7. Thread
Now, These were some basic tools supplies which you will need to make your own fly. Just grab these tools and start making your own fly.

Making a fly is a little-complicated process but if you are interested enough, Then with a little determination and practice, You can easily make a fly for you.

Steps to follow:

1. Take the thread and start wrapping it around the fly.
2. Shape the fly according to your wish. You can provide it a tail by cutting the edges with the help Of a scissor and you can easily enhance its looks.
3. Now, provide the body to the fly with any material you like from above supplies and tools.
(Tip- always use feather like tools to make it look more realistic which imitate fishes and make it easy to catch them)
4. Put the hackle pliers to the fly to make it look more attractive.
5. Use the thread to tie it and to prevent it from falling.

By following these simple steps you can make your own fly. Don’t rush through the steps just follow them one by one and add all those other materials you want. You can buy all these tools and supplies from a single fishing shop.
You can also buy them online.

At first, you will face some difficulties but gradually you will learn and it will come out as an amazing way of fishing.

To understand it more clearly, you can help yourself by watching these videos and tutorials by the experts of fly tying.

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